Casa Grande Domes

Okay, so I admit these images are VERY old! I am talking 2016, old. This place in Casa Grande, Arizona is home of these old creepy domes. They were built back in the 1970’s and early 1980’s by a computer hardware company as a housing facility for manufacturing. The construction was never completed for an unknown reason, and so they were abandoned to street art and tourism.

Sadly, these domes are so decrepit and broken that the city has orders to demolish them very soon deeming them “unsafe”. A large portion of one of the domes has now collapsed and along with it all the beautiful architecture, art and mystery.

In 2016 I, along with a group of family and friends, went down to visit the Casa Grande domes. We didn’t spend too much time there since it was the dead of Arizona summer, but we did happen to take many pictures.

The plan was to eventually go back with paint, markers, and a plan. I wanted to leave a large art piece on the inside of one of the domes as many have done before me. Since this site is no longer open to the public and likely will not stand in the near future, my dreams of practicing my graffiti skills will need to be realized at another location.

Anyway, enjoy the images as they are the last pieces of these unique structures.

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