Growing Pains… or Not?

I have been thinking for months that I was going to grow something. I wanted to grow ANYTHING! It was a hobby that I always wanted to try, but never felt confident that I could handle the responsibility. I know that plants only needed dirt, water and sun. But, the thought of failing at something so simple would be a huge blow to my fragile ego. My overall goal in learning to manage plants, is to grow herbs for my kitchen. Ideally, I can grow basil, parsley, mint, thyme, and more! I can just imagine making a homemade basil pesto, walking outside and picking the freshest leaves, and using them to create the most delicious pesto! Mmm… my imagination is triggering salivation!

After spending many hours in my imagination land where I have a green thumb and a luscious herb garden, I decided I was going to give it a try. The worst case scenario, I wouldn’t tell anyone I was growing plants and if they died then only my cat and I would really know. Hehe.

Well I started to grow wheat grass and catnip. I chose wheat grass because it’s a feline safe grass that grows fast. Because let’s face it… the cat is probably going to eat the plants if she has access. They might as well not harm her fragile cat digestive system so I am not cleaning up after her in the aftermath. I bought the wheat grass seeds from a package that contains the dirt and the container. The container was tinier than I had imagined and the seeds were barely covered by the dirt. I bought a second planters pot and another package of the wheat grass seeds and planted them in a larger container with more dirt. And now, it’s become somewhat of a science project in my backyard. One pot of the wheat grass was grown according to the instructions from the package. The second is grown in the larger pot with more dirt. I did get some help in started a process of germinating the wheat grass seeds that were placed in the larger pot. So they had a little more of a head start, but you can make the decisions for yourself from the images.

The catnip decision was for the same reason as the wheat grass, but also because I am tired of buying catnip. If I could grow it myself, then that would save me some cash. I planted the catnip in a regular old pot with dirt. After doing some research, I found that catnip is harvested during Spring and Fall. The seeds take weeks to sprout completely. Basically, I have to be more patient with the catnip. It’s a good thing I opted for the wheat grass which grows faster to grow at the same time!

Here is the progress of my Wheat Grass plants:

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